Our Profile
Batavia Indah is a company mainly engaged in housing and real estate development which was established in 2021. At present, we are working on several main business developments. In addition to the property and real estate there are also some other business developments, such as trading, printing, agribusiness, mining, services, and transportation. This business line continuously to be developed along with our Main Business line. We are optimistic that we will create remarkable things, but we are not working alone. As with all producers, we connect with professionals; the best architect, designer, and contractor, because we pursue exceptionality in every element detail. We are the patrons of every great vision, which is why we by no means take lightly every detail.
For us, quality is not a preference, nevertheless a foundation of business. This is what distinguishes us from others. We engage with our end users to create a spaces where they can spend hours and their time. A place for them to live and celebrate every accomplishment. They achieve We are the common thread that binds various good things together and creates a beautiful, meaningful and memorable thing.

Batavia Indah is committed to build a healthy environment with integrity that brings a positive impact on the surrounding environment, for the purpose of becoming a reliable and trusted company that has the competitiveness to become the best reputable Property Company.
Our Vision
To be the foremost and sustainable Property Company in Indonesia which globally competitive and recognized for our excellent quality, service and design
Our Mision
1. To develop superior and innovative realty and property products to deliver convenience for customers
2. To have a commitment to a healthy environment
3. To increase contribution to the holding company by developing and aligning corporate strategy
4. To establish strategic partnerships with the business associates
5. To create proficient human resources in regards of improving Employees welfare
Company Core Value
We live, love and have faith in what we do. We are enthused because we believe in our objectives and recognize that each of us contributes in achieving our vision.
Diversity and synergy from end to end teamwork are key factors for success. We accept as true that two minds are better than one.
Our word and reputation are sacred. We will never neglect commitments or break promises.
We rely on that beauty stays in perfection in every detail. While some say there is no perfection exists, we established it as our standard.
We really care a lot fir our customer. For us there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the smiles on their faces.
We believe that sustainability is the groundwork for a lasting future. The "Triple bottom line" of people, planet and profit guides every decision.