Ongoing Project: Redefining Jakarta's Landscape

At the heart of Jakarta, Indonesia's vibrant capital, we're embarking on an ambitious journey that promises to reshape the city's skyline. Our ongoing project, a monumental undertaking, underscores our commitment to innovation, luxury, and sustainability.
Transforming Jakarta's Landscape
With a substantial investment exceeding Rp. 1 Trillion (USD 70 Million), we're proud to unveil a project that represents not just development, but a vision of urban excellence. Spanning across 14,000 square meters, our venture encompasses three towering pillars of progress that will define Jakarta's future.
Elegance in Heights
Set to elevate the city's urban living, our project will unveil two exquisite residential towers alongside a state-of-the-art office tower. These architectural marvels are not just structures; they're a testament to our dedication to providing sophisticated living and working spaces.
Building by Design
Every step of our construction planning is meticulously orchestrated. The project's design is a symphony of innovation and practicality:
Greening the Future
We believe in progress that's intertwined with the environment. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we've embraced the Green Building concept. Our dedication to a greener future has earned us the coveted Green Building Certification from the Green Building Council Indonesia.
Innovation, luxury, and sustainability converge in our ongoing project as we endeavor to redefine Jakarta's landscape, delivering a legacy that will stand tall for generations.
Stay connected for updates as we pave the way for a brighter, greener Jakarta.